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Our product line elevates our consumers every day, upgrading our customers’ lives with a product already incorporated into our routines. The refill pods, the formulas, and the sustainability are only part of the equation — what sets us apart are our four distinct fragrances developed by award-winning perfumer Cecile Hua, whose fragrance making process is protected by UNESCO World Heritage. There are quite literally more astronauts in the world than people with Cecile’s fragrance qualifications.


Cool and adventurous — sounds just like you, right? Our Trailblazer scent is the clean-smelling deodorant you’ve been searching for. The crisp, refreshing aroma combines Italian Bergamot essential oils with Green Cardamom Extract and Pure Ginger Essence. We only use organic essential oils to ensure the freshest, natural products.

The Italian Bergamot essential oils prevent the growth of body-odor, causing germs as a natural disinfectant. The aromatherapy of Green Cardamom boosts clarity within the mind, bolstering confidence and energy. Pure Ginger Essence has been used for centuries as an organic antioxidant, with powerful healing capabilities. 

The combination of these three forward notes sets you up to succeed, from the every day to the grand adventure. 

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Smells like your next vacation. Our Coastline scent evokes the feeling of a holiday away, exploring new sights and cultures. Lavender and Mandarin essential oils calm and soothe — making this our most casual and comfortable aroma. Kick up your feet, toss off the shoes, and relax.

Lavender, a scent that has been used for over 2,500 years, has a gentle, soothing aroma and natural properties. Similarly, Mandarin calms the mind while purifying the air.

Coastline pairs well with relaxation and using your vacation time. 

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If you could capture summertime, it would smell like our Hudson fragrance. Fragrance notes of Vetiver Absolute, Cedarwood, and Wild Peppercorn combine to promote inner balance and peace. That might seem like a lot for a deodorant to do, but we take our scent influence very seriously at Helmm.

Wild Peppercorn essence is a superhero of a fruit — and yes, peppercorn is a fruit. A proven antibacterial and antioxidant, Wild Peppercorn essence enhances fragrance performance and strength. This keeps you smelling fresh longer.

Vetiver Absolute is actually known as the herb of tranquility. It is known for its distinct cooling and antiseptic properties, promoting comfort and calm. The Cedarwood essential oil pairs with these scents to bring a more woody, warm note to the fragrance, balancing the warm and crisp aromas.

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Night Market

Can a deodorant make you feel like an evening on the town? Night Market can. Our fourth scent is warm, sophisticated, and a touch sensual, made of our darkest fragrance notes. 

Pure Sandalwood is known as one of the most precious essential oils in a perfumer’s palette. Night Market uses sustainably-sourced Australian Sandalwood essential oils to enhance the rich, complex notes of this pure, sweet, woodsy scent. 

Sandalwood mixed with carrot seed extract and cypriol essential oils take Night Market to the next level. Carrot seed extract rejuvenates and protects skin from environmental stressors. Not to mention, the extract is packed with antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. 

Cypriol oil is known in the Mediterranean region for the incredible benefits it gives the skin — from decreased irritation to anti-inflammatory properties. The complex aromatic profile makes Night Market one of our most coveted scents.

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