Is Your Deodorant Eco-Friendly?

(Spoiler: Helmm is.)

Our plastic footprint is impacted by every decision we make as consumers. The cosmetics and beauty industry alone is the biggest culprit in our planet’s ever-growing plastic problem. Plastic waste from the deodorant industry alone makes up over 15 million pounds of what makes its way to landfills each year. If left unchecked, we are on pace to have more pounds of plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050.

Most products are hard to recycle — and as consumers, it’s challenging to know what and how plastics and packaging can be appropriately recycled. Most cosmetics, particularly deodorants, are made with plastic containers that cannot be recycled. The packaging comprises 6+ plastic resins that would need to be separated even to be considered for repurposing the plastic. In addition, the more colorful or opaque plastic is, the harder it is to recycle. This meticulous disassembly makes any item not made of one type of plastic virtually non-recyclable. 

If done at all, that undertaking would lead to only one or two recyclable parts — using resources in the process that would also put a strain on our environment. 

We saw this problem with the beauty and cosmetics industry and created a solution. Consumers want a more sustainable option that works for their lifestyles, uses clean ingredients, and protects the planet, making our antiperspirant and deodorant the obvious choice.

Our team believes that refillable packaging is the future. We developed the world’s first refillable deodorant, making Helmm the first deodorant that is truly both pit-friendly and planet-approved. 

Helmm’s antiperspirants and deodorants are entirely recyclable — our refillable cartridges are made of strictly polypropylene, reducing your plastic consumption by over 65% per unit as compared to traditional deodorant sticks. With a 2.75 oz fill, you’ll still receive the same amount of product while being kinder to the environment and to your body.

Refillable packaging offers premium quality, cleanliness, durability. It’s the only store-brand deodorant alternative that offers our customers high-quality, clean products that don’t require sacrificing quality, efficacy, or convenience. 

Sustainable alternatives can become mainstream but must be made as available, effective, and high-functioning as current product offerings. Our recyclable, refillable option comes in a sleek, eco-friendly canister, so you can add a bit of luxury to your every day without changing the quality of what you’re used to.

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