Why Sweat is Actually a Good Thing

When people think of sweat, we often think of smelly odors, uncomfortable or stressful situations, and ill-timed marks on our clothing. We have a tendency to want to suppress it, hide it, and be embarrassed by it. Our question is… why?

Sweat is a great thing – there are many sweat benefits that help our body function. Sweating is a normal bodily function that signals that everything is working properly. In addition to cooling us down and regulating body temperature, sweat has a number of additional benefits. Continue reading below to find out why sweating is actually good.

1. Regulates Body Temperature

Sweating is controlled by our hypothalamus, a portion of our brain that serves as our thermostat. When it senses that the body’s temperature is too high, it signals to our body to begin sweating, cooling the body down. It really is like our own personal AC system.

2. Helps Strengthen Immune System

Studies have shown that sweat glands creates peptides that serve as antibodies when fighting off infection. When we sweat, these antibiotics get spread to our skin, where they serve as a powerful line of defense. Additionally, some of these antibody agents, such as dermcidin, are naturally germ-inhibiting and germ-killing.

3. Detoxes and Eliminates Chemicals & Heavy Metals

Regular and frequent sweaters are able to better flush out systems, which leads to the elimination of fat and salt. This helps prevent kidney stones. Additionally, sweat glands help our body eliminate dangerous pollutants that we may pick up from the air, such as BPA and DEHP. Studies have also shown that sweating can play an important role in eliminating toxins such as mercury, lead, cholesterol, and oversaturation of calcium.

4. Improves Mental Health

Sweating associated with exercise releases neurons in our brain, including endorphins, that can help improve mood and clear-thinking. Increased signaling between our neurotransmitters directly affects our mood, as well as our mind’s ability to respond to mental stressors. Additionally, taking a break to work up a good sweat can help distract us from whatever else might be consuming our thoughts. It can also help reduce pent up stress and feelings of anxiety.

5. Increases Cognitive Function and Mental Clarity

Exercise leads to increased circulation to all parts of your body, including your brain. Better circulation = more oxygen, which leads to better thinking. Additionally, when we exercise and sweat, our hippocampus – the area of our brain that controls learning and memory – is heightened, which improves cognitive function and mental acuity.

6. Helps Skin in Many Ways

Sweating also has many benefits for our skin. Studies by researcher Laure Rittie have shown that ecrrine sweat glands are home to important stem cells, which can help close and heal wounds when released. When we sweat, these sweat glands play a key role in repairing the epidermis (our outermost layer of skin) and generating important keratinocyte cells for our skin. Additionally, sweating has been shown to improve tone, clarity and texture of our skin through improving circulation and clearing out dirty pores.

Sweat has many benefits, for body, soul and mind. We should never be embarrassed, or shy away from perspiration. It’s what makes our bodies work!

If you are going to sweat, make sure you’re using an Antiperspirant & Deodorant or high-functioning Deodorant formula to help control body odor. Sweat is good, body odor is not!

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