5 Tips on How to Control Excessive, Nervous, or Anxious Sweating

Big meeting? Hot date? Learn how to control all types of sweating.

Curious about how to control nervous, anxious or excessive sweating? You’ve come to the right place.

Did you know that sweat itself does not smell? Pretty crazy, right. Sweat is comprised predominantly of water, with trace amounts of other chemicals such as ammonia, salt, and sugar. So what about that body odor you’re all to used to? Body odor actually results from the interaction of sweat with bacteria that lives on your skin. This chemical reaction emits that onion-like odor we’re all too familiar with. Here’s some ways to help avoid that:

Methods to Reduce Sweating

1. Avoid Too Much Caffeine: Caffeine activates our central nervous system, making us more susceptible to anxiety sweating. Trade the extra coffee for a water to help reduce sweating.

2. Apply Antiperspirant the Night Before: Applying an Antiperspirant product the night before a big event will give the formula time to absorb in the skin, and optimize its performance. Additionally, knowing you have taken the proper steps to reduce sweating will help your confidence, reduce anxiety around sweating, and ultimately prevent sweating from nerves or anxious sweating. Check out our premium Antiperspirant & Deodorant formula with our Starter Kit.

3. Cardio Workout: Working out helps to calm our nerves, releasing endorphins and settling the body down. Make sure to work out hours before your big event, to ensure that residual sweating will be completed.

4. Breathing Exercises: If you find yourself in need of an immediate remedy, try this breathing exercise: (1) deep breath in, hold for 4-count; (2) breath out slowly as if you were blowing up a balloon; (3) repeat 3 times. We sweat when adrenaline speeds up our nervous system, and this will help to slow our brain down and return to calm.

5. Emergency Cooldown Technique: It’s all about breaking the cycle. When sweat becomes overtly visible, it fuels our adrenaline and stress, making us sweat more. We recommend a quick stop in the bathroom or other private space to cool down and calm down. Remind yourself that it’s not the end of the world. Splash some cool water on your face and take some time to fan yourself down. Nervous sweating can be a vicious cycle, so a quick break to refocus perspective can solve the problem.

We hope this helped you learn how to control nervous sweating, so you can get back out there without any fear.

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