What are the ingredients to avoid in cosmetics?

Have you ever wondered what ingredients are actually being used in your cosmetic products? We took a deep dive into some standard pharmacy products and found a long list of ingredients to avoid in cosmetics, for both your body and the environment.

At Helmm, we asked ourselves: why can’t there be safe, honest formulas that still work? We found that the deodorant formulas gave us a choice between (1) effective, drug-store products full of potentially harmful ingredients, or (2) all-natural offerings that simply don’t work. We spent years researching current formulas and developed Antiperspirant & Deodorant and Deodorant formulas that skip the bad stuff without compromising on functionality or effectiveness.

Below is a list of common ingredients to avoid in cosmetic and beauty products, all of which should be avoided!

1. Parabens: Parabens, used in over 90% of personal care products to prevent bacteria and fungus growth, have been linked to human health concerns such as breast tumors, issues with reproduction, and hormone dysfunction. 

2. Phthalates: Phthalates, a group of chemicals used to make industrial plastics softer and more pliant, have been linked to potentially adverse affects such as endocrine disruption in laboratory tests.

3. Triclosan: Triclosan, recently banned by the FDA in 2016 from hand soap formulas, is still used in many deodorants. It has also been linked to various human health and carcinogenic concerns and is registered as a pesticide by the FDA. 

4. Sulfates: Sulfates have been linked to various human health concerns and can also be toxic to aquatic life. They are commonly referred to in personal care products as SLS or SLES.

5. Talc: Talc is a naturally occurring mineral that shares properties with the known-carcinogen asbestos. There have been studies that suggest a relation between talc and various human health concerns.

These ingredients have all been historically used by beauty brands because they are cheaper and easier to work with than the alternatives. We spent years developing proprietary formulas with leading chemists that do not include any of these ingredients. More expensive for us, but better for you. Combined with our eco-friendly Refills, our Pit-Friendly, Planet-Friendly Deodorant is designed with you and the future in mind.

Do your underarms a favor. Educate yourself on which ingredients to avoid in cosmetics and upgrade today to pit-friendly, planet-friendly deodorant.